Schleck Not Confirmed For 2015 Paris-Nice

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The 2015 season started with a rocky patch for Frank Schleck. Much to the dismay of his fans, the senior Schleck brother has not been confirmed for 2015 Paris-Nice.

Frank was really hopeful to come up with a spectacular performance at Paris-Nice this year but it was his unfortunate injury that ruined his chances at the championship. The Trek rider met with a bad crash on the initial day of Ruta Sol which left him with a severe quadricep muscular hematoma.

It led his team to declare that the rider won’t be able to participate in Paris-Nice this time.

The Schleck senior is wise enough to understand the situation.

“I’m recovering yet it isn’t as speedy as I hoped for”, stated Frank while discussing about his non-participation in Paris-Nice.

“I am still in a painful situation and it aches to walk- however it feels tad better while I am on my bike. Thus, I would be capable of training for something like 2 hours on road now yet certainly this isn’t sufficient to gear up for an esteemed race such as Paris-Nice.”

The 34-year-old rider headed into 2014 season sans his brother who was forced to retire from pro cycling given persistent knee injury at a young age. Last year, Frank could only manage one big victory at national road racing championship at Luxembourg.

“I am certainly utterly disappointed”, continued Frank. “When I met with the crash, yes it was extremely painful, I had thin in my mind that I would be taking part in next race. It was quite a frustrating injury & a gradual healing procedure yet the season has just started & I would be back soon. I am hopeful to take part in GP Nobili that is scheduled for 19th of this month.”