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Frank Scleck

Schleck Announces Retirement By Sharing His Experiences

It is never to stop doing things that you love the most, but I have wanted it always to get retire at a position where I remain fit and competitive,” Schleck said this, before his appearance of third Olympic Games.

“I am extremely proud that I have spent a large part of my life doing things that I love to and that are riding my bike. I am thankful to all my friends who have always been with me in my long journey with the sport.”

Schleck added that, retiring from cycling will let him enjoy family time.

In his speech he said, “The victories, memories and the great time, memories that I have experienced in my career while being with some of the amazing teams will stay with me forever. Leaving the profession is not the end of my cycling career; I will remain a bike rider. The only difference will be leaving the professional side of cycling will let me have more time for my family and to watch my kids growing up. At this point of time, I have settled in the sport and now my kids and family has become more important to me.” (more…)