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Frank Scleck

Schleck Not Confirmed For 2015 Paris-Nice

The 2015 season started with a rocky patch for Frank Schleck. Much to the dismay of his fans, the senior Schleck brother has not been confirmed for 2015 Paris-Nice.

Frank was really hopeful to come up with a spectacular performance at Paris-Nice this year but it was his unfortunate injury that ruined his chances at the championship. The Trek rider met with a bad crash on the initial day of Ruta Sol which left him with a severe quadricep muscular hematoma.

It led his team to declare that the rider won’t be able to participate in Paris-Nice this time.

The Schleck senior is wise enough to understand the situation.

“I’m recovering yet it isn’t as speedy as I hoped for”, stated Frank while discussing about his non-participation in Paris-Nice.

“I am still in a painful situation and it aches to walk- however it feels tad better while I am on my bike. Thus, I would be capable of training for something like 2 hours on road now yet certainly this isn’t sufficient to gear up for an esteemed race such as Paris-Nice.” (more…)

Frank Scleck

The Cycling Today Ready To See Some Bad News

Cycling world is supposed to be prepared to get some uncomfortable comments when there is an independent panel who is allowed to publish a report about doping in the sport.

The International Cycling Union has three men on its panel and the president of the union Brian Cookson has permitted the release of the report. The investigation held includes an interview with Lance Armstrong, the disgraced cyclist.

Cookson said that it is like opening a can of worms. As you open, you find more worms. Reading the report may be very uncomfortable but everyone should prepare themselves for that. He also confirmed the news that there will be no same controversy after the report is published like the one that happened when there were changes made for the bidding of the football World Cup. It was the behavior of the FIFA that made Michael Garcia, the independent investigator to resign. (more…)